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California Life weighs in with Extreme Makeover Contestant Ashley Johnson

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Weight has been a lifetime struggle for Rancho Cucamonga native Ashley Johnson.  She had a chance of a lifetime when she was selected for ABC’s Extreme Makeover, a reality TV show that focuses on getting obese people get down to a healthier weight.

At 19 years old Ashley weighed 323 pounds and she decided that it was time to do something extreme. At the end of the show she had lost over 150 pounds and felt extremely happy. When the show was over, reality kicked in and the battle to maintain her weight was brutal. It was overwhelming and frustrating, but then she decided to turn to Perfection Fitness for support.

Ashley admits she gained back some of the weight but says that thanks to Perfection Fitness in Rancho Cucamonga, she has been able to find a happy medium in her weight. Trainer Melissa Mata and her team have been able to help Ashley stay on track with her weight and be the healthiest possible, and she hopes to inspire other to the same.

For more information on Perfection Fitness visit!

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California Life discovers the health benefits of KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink has only been around for about five years; but, it’s already packed quite a punch on the heath beverage market!  With a variety of probiotic drinks that go as low as only 5 calories, KeVita is determined to increase the wellness of consumers across the country.

KeVita  is delicious vitality in every sip. Consumers can enjoy innovative and delicious drinks in a variety of low calorie flavors including Coconut, Mango Coconut and Pomegranate. KeVita is certified organic, non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and contains four strains of healthy probiotics.

Co-Founders Chakra Earthsong Levy and Bill Moses joined together to provide thirsty health-seeking consumers a delicious vitalizing drink. KeVita drinks are a great alternative to traditional soda and juice drinks that are not the healthiest or best for us. KeVita’s mission is to empower people to take their health and well-being into their own hands by providing innovative products geared to help support immune and digestive health. With its new headquarters located right in scenic Oxnard, KeVita’s popularity is skyrocketing!


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California Life gives you reasons why you should Give A Scan

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

For more than 165 years, Siemens has built a reputation for leading edge innovation in the quality of their products, services, and solutions, and now they have paired up with the Lung Cancer Alliance to help sponsor and the holiday Give A Scan Program. The program is the first people-powered, CT donation program that allows patients, their loved ones, and families to be apart of lung caner research as well as provide researchers with tools that will help them accelerate investigation of all aspects of lung cancer.

With the survival rate of lung cancer being so low, it is imperative for people to get CT scanned so that doctors can early detect signs of the illness. All of the donated images in the Give A Scan Program are of people who have been diagnosed and undergone treatment or that have been screened in order to encourage more researchers to focus on lung cancer in order to expedite diagnosis and treatment of  the leading cause of cancer death in the world.

Not only is Siemens one of the largest healthcare technology companies, but it is now allowing patients to become partners in discovery through the Give A Scan Program.

To learn more about the Give A Scan Program visit!

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California Life gives you an Exclusive Peek at how Smile Simplicity Will Brighten Your Smile and Your Life

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Contributed by: Tiffany Carter

Susana Teran’s smile has been a source of shame for her since her childhood in Bolivia.

But after moving to Los Angeles, a friend convinced her that she could do something about her stained and misaligned teeth.  Susana’s friend told her that Smile Simplicity in Westwood could correct her smile and change her life.  Unknown

In just a few quick visits lasting only about an hour each, Smile Simplicity fits patients like Susana for custom veneers that last a lifetime.  And the best part is the veneers can be removed, because unlike traditional systems, Smile Simplicity does not grind down the healthy tooth structure. It leaves the original teeth in tact and fits the veneers over them.

What’s left is a smile that’s bright, but not unnaturally blinding like other whitening and veneer procedures.

Check out patient Susana Teran’s transformation, as California Life gives you an exclusive peek at the Smile Simplicity procedure performed by Dr. Michael Schneider.

For more information visit  or call 1.888.543.1143

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California Life and Choice Medical on Osteoporosis

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

With over 10-million Americans suffering from Osteoporosis and others exhibiting symptoms that have them at risk, most of us have a friend or family member suffering from this disease. With more treatment options available than ever before, it’s helpful to get the advice of a physician.

California Life HD, Choice Medical Group and Choice Physicians Network have an ongoing commitment to providing people with the important health care information they need. We recently spoke with Dr. Sunil Abraham to learn about some effective treatment options.

Dr. Abraham explained that this brittle bone disease mostly affects women in their 50’s and is accelerated by depleted estrogen levels during menopause. This robs bones of precious calcium and reduced bone density. This disease may also affect people who are; extremely underweight, bedridden or men over 70 with low testosterone. Dr. Abraham recommends a calcium supplement as well as a B vitamin to help absorb excess calcium, which can create deposits in tissue. The doctor also recommends weight-bearing exercises such as jogging or lifting light weights. These activities promote physical endurance as well as the growth of muscle tissue and bones.

Symptoms may not be obvious, but can include; bone aches or pain. People over the age of 50 should report any strange feeling or pain in their bones to their physician. The physician may request a bone density scan to confirm whether or not they may need treatment. Those who fall into a higher risk category should be tested at least every two years. Early detection is key to receiving bone strengthening medications that will fend off further bone fractures.

If you have any questions about osteoporosis or are experiencing symptoms you can contact the Choice Medical Group at: (760) 242-7777, ext #224 or visit
Be sure to watch this full story airing Statewide on California Life or watch online at:


We can Always be Better thanks to Rancho La Puerta! By: Heather Dawson

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

When I was invited by Julie Gallaher of to spend a week at Rancho La Puerta, my initial reply was “I don’t have time for a luxurious spa week in Mexico, I barely make time to eat!”  Then our education reporter Jennifer quinonez told me to take a second look at the amazing amenities on their website and felt it would be an important segment to feature on our show, California life.

Even my husband who was surprisingly diagnosed with colon cancer at 38, urged me to take a break from our regular routine and focus on slowing down.  It’s not easy leaving 3 kids, a full-time job producing 2 newsmagazine shows, a production company, classroom volunteering, chaffier duties to the girls’ activities and a husband undergoing chemotherapy.  So, naturally the guilt set in quickly as I made my way to San Diego to catch a bus to Tecate.  Too much caffeine, no time for breakfast, a lingering sinus infection I never made time to get antibiotics to cure and a frantic last minute search for my passport, left me feeling queasy and I started off my trip as “the guest who got sick on the way”.

It was all worth it when I finally descended on the beautiful resort of Rancho La Puerta, a tranquil setting, comfortable casitas, endless hiking trails, and delicious meals made from the organic gardens nearby.  There was an activity for everyone; whether it’s yoga, Pilates, relaxing mediation, vintage jewelry designs, lectures on dreams and a full service spa.  I was more relaxed than usual but the moment I checked my iphone, the stress would come back instantly.   Then a wonderful thing happened, I forgot to bring my iphone charger and was forced to spend the week without technology  (cell phones and computers are restricted to your rooms and the internet cafe). I was forced to hike without my ipod and listen to the birds and nature. Noise alone is a huge stress on the body.   In fact, when I got home I researched the impact technology has on our family unit and few articles have hit home more poignantly than the genius “Report: 90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles”. Kids and teens 8 to 18 years spend nearly 4 hours a day in front of a TV screen and almost 2 additional hours on the computer and playing video games. In today’s technology culture, a computer can be “watched” like a TV – as can iPods, cell phones, and many other gadgets.

I also realized how unhealthy my diet was (living on coffee and skipping meals is never a good combo).  We ate 3 meals a day without processed foods, sugar and red meat. My roommate lost 6 pounds and I had more energy than my triple espresso diet.  We spent one evening picking our food from an organic garden then cooking alongside a handsome, Belgium chef straight out of central casting from the Food Network in a gorgeous Tuscany style kitchen.  

The food was amazing and we all swore we would go home and start our own organic garden.  I did come home and make delicious recipes from the Rancho La Puerta cookbook and although the garden is on hold, I did start a routine to buy organic!  My daughters can’t wait to grow yummy vegetables in a family garden after watching the Rancho La Puerta story on our show, California life.  I am sending my husband next month to experience Rancho La Puerta when he finishes chemotherapy.  I can’t imagine a better way to kick-start his new health regime.  More importantly, I want him to take a break from technology so he can truly relax and soak up the motto “Siempre Mejor” which means “Always Better” ~ because regardless of how busy we are, we can always be better.   Thank you Julie Gallaher for the invitation, Roma Maxwell for the opportunity and co-founder Deborah Szekely for creating this wonderful escape 70 years ago!


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