Valerie Morehouse

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Valerie Morehouse is one of the leading vocal instructors in Los Angeles. What does she have to say about becoming a great and successful singer?

GMH Vocal Studio

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California Life exposes the invisible secret of some of today's most successful recording artists and performers as they train at GMH Vocal Studio. See how Mike Myers, Reeve Carney, and Jasmine V overcome any and all difficulties with their voices under the instruction of Michael Goodrich, Valerie Morehouse, and John Henny, respectively.

Gloria Greer

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We sit down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with a living California legend, Gloria Greer. She gives us the scoop on her career as a celebrity journalist and her love for the Golden state.

Chinese Adoption

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In light of National Adoption Day, the Lietzau family stirred California hearts as they conveyed their difficult story in adopting their daughter, Hannah, from China.

Battle of the Mariachis

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The spirit of Mexican song and dance is alive and well in San Juan Capistrano as 9 mariachi bands participate to win $2,000.


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Frank Boyd of Huntington Beach is 83 years old, but his youth remains as he revives the classics of Frank Sinatra on karaoke stages in memory of his beloved wife.