Everything Fall, From A New Wardrobe to the Best Box Office Hits


Now that fall is in the air it’s time for a wardrobe refresh and that could mean an entirely new closet full of clothes or if you’re on a budget just a few well-chosen items to make you feel up to date. Plus fall is the perfect time snuggle up and watch movies, let’s see what is hitting the box office now.

There’s nothing like the color of fall leaves to inspire you to run to the store or your favorite website for a few new items, but it helps to know what’s trending before you make a purchase. Animal print whether it’s lux, leopard print or smooth snakeskin is going to be the new neutral for this season. Now if you’re looking to add a fun pop to your outfit, having a leopard print jacket to throw over a dress or even a nice snakeskin handbag or pump is a great way to enhance your look. Also trending for fall clothes are colors like deep plum, golden yellow, burnt orange, and emerald green and for extra style try something unexpected, like a hot pink business suit.

From big-budget blockbuster to long-awaited remakes and sequels, lots of new movies are set to hit theaters this fall. “Judy” is already creating Oscar buzz for Rene Zellweger as she takes on the iconic actress Judy Garland, and just in time for Halloween, Joaquin Phinoex as the” Joker” in this new take on the infamous villain. Then we get a closer look into Mr.Rogers and a “Beautiful Day in the Neighboorhood” starring Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie returns to the big screen as Maleficent. Also set to hit theaters is Disney’s live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp” and of course just in time for Thanksgiving is “Frozen 2″.

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