SpaceX Launches New Rocket, New Survey Reveals how much Americans know About It


SpaceX launched a new rocket today around 4 PM ET.  To find out exactly how much people know about the private aerospace company, the team at, surveyed hundreds of Americans asking how much they really know about SpaceX, Starlink and Elon Musk. 

One of the most interesting findings is how 61% of Americans have heard of SpaceX, but only 30% have heard of Starlink. 45% of people believe that it will only be available to people who live in off-gridded areas when in reality it will be available nationwide.

23% say they would leave their current Internet service provider mainly for Starlink, while 77% say they’re not leaving. In terms of cost, 45% of people say Starlink won’t be cheaper than current satellite internet options.

Finally, 54% don’t believe it will be any after than other types of internet available right now.