A New Medicine for MS and SPMS That Actually Works.


Mayzent is the first and the only pill studied and proven in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Also known as SPMS, a chronic disorder of the central nervous system that disrupts the normal function of the brain and spinal cord through inflammation and tissue loss.

Dr. Regina Berkovich says Multiple sclerosis or commonly called Ms, is a quite common condition affecting more than 400,000 patients in the United States and usually gets diagnosed as a relapsing-remitting form. Then, 80% of those patients may convert into secondary progressive Ms or SPMS. 

Bercovich tells us SPMS is a debilitating form of Ms characterized by progressive and irreversible neurological disability. She encourages everyone to seek help through an MS specialist. 

Mayzent (siponimod) tablets

She goes on to say, “Try to find an ms specialist and definitely tell about all the new developments, new symptoms, not getting better, having exacerbations. Get annual MRI imaging studies. Make sure you don’t develop new lesions. If you do, then you may benefit from switching the therapies. So that’s why it’s so important to see a specialist.”

Patients like Paula are living proof that you can still live a happy, productive life even if you suffer from the disease. 

Paula Zmudzinsky, SPMS Patient, says thateight years in I was diagnosed with secondary progressive Ms. It took a little while. That’s not an easy, quick and easy diagnosis to make, but I’ve raised my four children. I worked very hard. Every day is hard because I have a hard time walking around. I use a walker or wheelchair, I drive with hand controls. I’ve been very involved in my kid’s life and their activities.”

Her determination to overcome everyday challenges is something Paula encourages other patients to do as well.

Zmudzinsky recommends you track your symptoms, tell everything going on to your doctor who should be a neurologist who specializes in Ms. She also recommends to stay positive and keep doing everything you can do to stay positive. 

Fortunately with medical advances and technology, Dr Bercovich is giving hope to patients diagnosed with different forms of Ms. 

Dr. Regina Berkovich says, “On behalf of Novartis, I can say that Mayzent is the first and only oral medication that has been studied for secondary progressive Ms and has shown efficacy and got approved for that indication while it got approved for other indications in Ms as well, such as early stage, but it also got approved for what it was studied for. And that is a secondary progressive MS specifically, the active form of it. 

For more information, go to www.Mayzent.com