Uncovering the Truth about Living with Atopic Dermatitis as a Teen: More than “Just” a Skin Condition.


Acne is a fact of life for many teens. But a type of eczema called atopic dermatitis is another common condition that can impact their appearance similar to acne.

Most teens have to navigate schoolwork, home life, and social pressures. For those suffering from atopic dermatitis, a lot of their time is spent coping with symptoms that can be incredibly disruptive during these formative teenage years.

Many celebrities, who are constantly in the public eye, deal with the inconvenience of eczema as well. Kerry Washington says she sticks to drinking plenty of water, taking fish-oil supplements, and avoiding dairy to help symptoms. Take a look at this article to find out about more celebrities who live with atopic dermatitis.

Dr. Jeffrey Sugarman, dermatologist and UC San Francisco professor, describes atopic dermatitis as a chronic, inflammatory disease that clinically looks like red, irritated, inflamed, and scaly patches on the skin. In severe forms, it can take up 70-90% of the body’s surface.

To tackle this disease, the first step is to go to the doctor and get diagnosed and find the right treatment for you. Luckily, there are treatments out there that can help calm down symptoms.

For mild atopic dermatitis, treatment could include adding a topical anti-inflammatory steroid-free cream. When eczema covers a large area of skin, patients may need oral treatment or newer injectable treatment.

Take action and be your own health advocate. It all starts with talking to your doctor.