AI to the Rescue: Adobe Acrobat’s New Features Make Document Management a Breeze!


Feeling overwhelmed by mountains of documents? Consumer expert Justine Santaniello has great news for you! Adobe, the creators of the PDF format and Acrobat, are back with game-changing AI features to make your life easier.

Adobe’s latest advancements let you edit and create images in PDFs using generative AI. Need a seasonal background for your business materials? Just describe it, and Acrobat’s AI generates options in seconds!

Acrobat’s new AI Assistant can summarize information and answer questions about your PDFs. It works with various document types and can handle multiple files at once. Perfect for busy parents or anyone swamped with digital paperwork, AI Assistant quickly surfaces key points and verifies info with clickable citations. It even extracts key points and action items from virtual meeting transcripts!

All AI Assistant features are free from June 18th through June 28th. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your productivity! Adobe ensures their AI features are developed with accountability, responsibility, and transparency. Use these tools confidently, knowing they’re built on strong ethical principles.

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