An Inside Look Into The 19th Annual BET Awards


The 19th annual BET Awards took over Downtown L.A. for an entire weekend with many events leading up to the award show. The BET Awards has become one of the most popular events that everybody, everywhere wants to be a part of.

In its 19th year the BET Awards has grown to become much more than just an award show, with a weekend full of events that make up to the BET experience. Attendees get a chance to get close to some of their favorite artists, and many aspiring artists say the BET Awards weekend is the perfect place for networking.

The Rafi Gift Lounge is where all the nominees, presenters, and performers go to pick up their gift bags. The gift lounge was created by renowned celebrity jeweler, Rafi Anteby. This is the second year that the Rafi Gift Lounge has been a part of the BET Awards and only top brands are invited to join Rafi’s exclusive gifting events. This year, one of the gifts included a seven day, six night trip to Thailand.

With your favorite artists, music, entertainment, and fun all in one spot it’s impossible not to have a good time during the BET Awards weekend.