You have probably seen Bala Bangles everywhere – on Instagram, splashed all over digital media (VogueMarie ClaireWhoWhatWearForbes), on your instructor’s wrists during Instagram Live workouts. The wild success of Bala Bangles – chic wrist and ankle weights – has defined the at-home workout during this time but Bala is not a one-hit-wonder.

The Power Ring is the next integration of the at-home workout set up we are all thirsty for. Bala’s original mission is ringing true with this next product launch: Gone are the days of bulky, uninspired workout equipment. It’s time to sweat in style.  

With Bala on the pulse of the at-home workout accessory world, we wanted to give your audience the opportunity to know about these products before they sell out (because if history repeats itself, they will!).

The Power Ring will be sold exclusively on and

Give the quarantined people what they want! #bala