Banff, Canada: A Winter Wonderland That Words Fail To Describe


Winter in Canada is something to celebrate, and the magical allure of Banff and Lake Louise is yours to discover. This week, California Life’s, Marco Gutierrez, takes us North and shows off Alberta’s very own SnowDays. The vibrant winter festival, centered in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, brings mountain culture to life every January.

January in Banff is defined by snow-covered fun and a hearty culture eager for the cold. Take a walk down Bear Street and admire breathtaking snow sculptures made by hand. Maybe head over to the Snow Days Play Zone and immerse yourself in Canadian trademarks by testing out snowboarding ramps, hockey shootouts, and fat tire biking.

If you haven’t heard of Skijoring, today is your lucky day. Teams of athletes and horses from Skijor, Canada, perform a breathtaking exhibition of horse-riding, trick riding, and ski-stunt extravaganza right through the heart of town.

Then go on a memorable, one of a kind, snow shoe adventure into the pristine Canadian wilderness. Warm up with hot chocolate and a delicious snow-dipped maple taffy provided by your SnowDays tour guide. If snowshoeing starts to make you tire, don’t be afraid to hop on the magic carpet and sled down the pillowy snow.

Head back to town and settle in at the Tribute Craft Spirits Celebration with the best distilleries from Alberta and British Columbia. Fill up on the vibrant local food scene and finish off your day at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise ice-skating beneath majestic mountain-peaks.

Banff SnowDays happens throughout Banff National Park every January and it’s the highlight of the season. Even if you’re not a fan of the cold, it will make you fall in love with the snowiest days of the year.