Best Non-Dairy Recipes Just In Time For The Holidays


Home and lifestyle expert Laura Dellutri is back with a few holiday recipes your friends and family will love this season.

“So Delicious dairy-free” who have been making dairy-free foods and beverages for more than 30 years, have all the products you need to enjoy a dairy-free holiday. According to a study done by SWNS and So Delicious, in 2018 over half of Americans are currently trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily lives and the holidays are no exception. Two popular products include their cult favorite, cocoa whip, and holiday nog both gluten-free non-gmo and certified vegan.

Cocoa a whip is the perfect addition to the holidays, it’s fluffy and flavorful and perfect to pair with a slice of holiday pie or used as a dip for fresh fruits. The holiday Nog allows everyone to enjoy the holiday staple, with a dollop of cocoa whip and a classic sprinkle of nutmeg its the best holiday drink.

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