Best Seller Book Reveals How In These Times Of Crisis You Can Get Your Dream Job, Life, and Body

If you’re searching for your dream job, body or partner and sick of waiting for it, then this might be the book for you. A new book has been published to show you how you can get everything you have dreamed of, and more, starting from today. 

“Believe – Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of. Today” has been penned by Aussie, Adrian Falk, who was sick of his mundane life so started to make opportunities happen for him from the age of 20, when he landed his dream job in advertising and PR in New York City.
From there, he quickly applied principles that he outlines in his new book Believe, to build him the ultimate lifestyle that he has always dreamed of and has been living the life now for the past twenty years. 
“The easiest thing you can find in life is someone that says you can’t do something. I have written this book to help share with others how you can defy the odds, and achieve great things despite having the odds stacked against you.” Falk says. 

Approaching 40, Adrian was stacking on the weight, as his metabolism started to slow and never a gym goer always said to people that he wanted “abs for 40’’. “Fitness professionals told me that it isn’t possible for me,  that it all comes down to genetics no matter how much exercise I do. So, I decided to devise my own program and shed a whopping 15 kilograms (over 33 pounds) without any harsh fitness training and simply making a few small changes in my life.”

 Adrian also created his own business, a public relations and advertising agency, from the ground up that he started at only 24 and has now been operating for over 17 years. “When I first told people I was starting my own company, no one believed in me and that’s why I called my company Believe Advertising, I just had the Yellow Pages, cold calling people for work and at night I’d work in a call-centre, selling tickets for a charity raffle.” Now 17 years on, Adrian has worked with some of the world’s largest personalities, including Novak Djokovic three times. 

“I can’t wait to share with everyone how you can attract in your life everything that you have always dreamed of, through the power of self-belief.’’“Giving back is really an important principle that I highlight in my book.” Adrian says.From supporting local schools in Fiji with laptop computers to providing meals to school children in India, grain to nourish hungry youth in Malawi, and giving lighting for underprivileged families in third world countries, Adrian is all about giving back so that he can leave the world a better place than when he found it.  

Believe is available on Kindle and paperback via Amazon.