Bikini Empire’s Online Sales Surge 1500% Following Launch of Empowerment Luxury 2020 Spring/Summer Collection


Company’s “BE Confident, BE Authentic” Campaign Expands on Success of Introduction to NEW Line of Eclectic, Vintage “Deserted Island” Themed Bikinis

Bikini Empire (BE), a Canadian luxury swimwear line, today announced that its recently launched “Deserted Island” collection, it’s most successful campaign to date since 2014, resulted in more than a 1500 percent increase in sales since announcing the Spring/Summer 2020 collection in early April. As a result, BE cofounders and owners Monica and Kelsey Rush announced the expansion of their e-commerce operations worldwide focused on a marketing campaign entitled “BE Confident, BE Authentic.” 

In addition to its explosive growth, BE’s multi-platform data analytics validates significant interest in the brand and its operational mission to position to fill an untapped bikini niche:  

Comparative Analysis of Consumer Interest in Bikini Empire from April 2019 – April 2020

⇒  130% Increase in Sales
⇒  95% Increase in Users on Website
⇒  97% in New Users
⇒  543% Increase in Referrals from Social Media

“The launch of our Springer/Summer 2020 luxury swimwear line received overwhelming response,” said Monica and Kelsey. “The spike in sales is the result of numerous factors including a growing trend of women searching for swimwear that empowers them rather than making them feel like they are aligning with a trend – which may not fit their personality.” 

One of BE’s more prolific key influencers, Charlotte Elizabeth @CharlotteCurveModel, a high-profile social media figure with 1.5 million followers on Facebook attributes some of her success to the BE mission and brand: “Be Confident, Be Authentic.” 

“I love how the Bikini Empire brand embraces body positivity. Their swimwear uplifts women and encourages them to love and accept their bodies just as they are, which is a complete deviation from how current swimwear is being marketed,” said Charlotte. “To my followers: Bikini Empire is unique and encourages us to embrace our differences. What really matters is how you feel on the inside because it will come alive on the outside. Wear Bikini Empire: apple, pear, hourglass – it doesn’t matter… “Be Confident, Be Authentic.” 

“Our mission is simple: we want to motivate all women to move past the preconceptions and stereotypes that exist around swimwear,” said Monica and Kelsey. “Our “Be Confident, Be Authentic” campaign is designed with a specific purpose in mind: our BE brand is an extension of a woman’s inner-self and, in addition to feeling empowered knowing they are supporting the improvement of the environment and ethical business practices, wearing Bikini Empire will make them feel comfortable, sexy and original.”  

Bikini Empire and Social and Environmental Sustainability

A growing awareness about the impacts of fast fashion, and the textile industry has led many consumers to be more interested in how their garments are made. We believe strongly in creating swimwear that is in line with our environmental and social values. We chose to manufacture our swimwear in Bali, due to their dedication to fair business practices, high wages, outstanding working conditions, and environmental sustainability. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities, and women’s business education and development.