California Life Episode 594


Airing this week on California Life with Heather Dawson: auto racing…its about speed, power, and timing. On the surface, racing would seem to have nothing in common with the debilitating alzheimer’s disease. Phil Frengs is a huge race fan and his company Legistics has sponsored race cars for more than ten years. Phil has combined his passion for auto racing with his love for his wife Mimi who has been diagnosed with alzheimers.

Plus, see why Palm Springs is the capitol of cool and why celebrities get bigger and brighter every year during awards season.

Then, surfing is life to millions on the West Coast, and when it comes to winning contests in California waves, nobody did it better than Andy Irons. But like so many others during what the CDC says is the worst drug epidemic in American history, his story was not finished when he died. Brent Weber explores the film “Kissed by God,” which helps raise awareness about America’s opioid crisis through both the surfer’s gifts and his demons.

Finally, thousands of online retailers gather in Las Vegas in an attempt to get their products into stores, restaurants, and other retail establishments. We take you to the 2021 White Label World Expo.

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