California Life Looks at the Pros & Cons of Curved TVs


When it comes to televisions, people are always looking for the bigger, better model.

So when several companies unveiled Curved TVs at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, many were buzzing with excitement.

That includes Merilee Kern, Executive Editor of The Luxe List, one of California’s premier sources for the latest news, trends and reviews in the luxury marketplace.

“When I first heard about the availability of Curved TV technology, I got so excited, because I’m definitely a gadget girl and I love movies, ” Kern said. “So the idea of a more immersive home entertainment experience similar to a movie theater really intrigued me.”


Kern has done a lot of research on Curved TVs and shared both the pros and cons with California Life.

Watch our story below to get Kern’s take on the technology and why she says you should wait a few more years before buying a Curved TV.