California Life with Heather Dawson Halloween Episode 555


On this weeks Halloween episode of California Life we’ll show you the best spots for a haunted Halloween tour throughout all of California as we uncover the mystery surrounding paranormal activity at one of the most haunted houses in America, Hotel del Coronado.

And do you believe in ghosts? According to a new A-P poll, one-third of people say they do, and nearly one out of four say they’ve actually seen a ghost or felt its presense.

We head to Long Beach to see the spooky side of the Queen Mary: One of the most haunted hotels on record!

Then, a trip with a real San Francisco ghost hunter that wants you to know that some spirits don’t go quietly into the night Plus Halloween is followed by “The day of the Dead”.

But, that’s where the comparison stops. California families of Mexican heritage embrace November 1stas a day of celebration. See why this ancient tradition is becoming more popular.

He’s known for his famous acting roles in 28 Days Later, Snow White the Huntsman, The Chronicles of Narnia and for his modeling career advertising in campaigns for brands like L’Oreal, Nautica and Bloomingdale’s. 

Now, British-born actor/model Noah Huntley stars in the CW sci-fi drama series “Pandora,” which is finally back for its highly anticipated second season. We spoke to Noah about the newest season and caught up with what it’s like working with the cast during quarantine.

And why figure out why now is the best time to learn a new language.

Plus, a list of the best horror movies of all time airing this week on our Special Halloween Show…. or watch right online on our website

Have a safe and happy Halloween!