California’s Top 10 Coffee Shops To Visit in 2021


We all deserve a nice cup of coffee (or two) after 2020. Here are my top 10 favorite coffee shops to visit for this upcoming year.

10. The Cat Café

If you’re a cat-yoga-coffee-therapy enthusiast, this is the place for you. Known as Southern California’s FIRST Cat Café in America’s Finest City, The Cat Café provides you with a chance to unwind with their award-winning locally roasted cup of coffee in the company of cats. Yes, cats. Make a reservation and enjoy their “purr therapy” in the heart of Downtown San Diego. Fall in love with a cat on your visit? They’ll let you adopt a new furry friend!

9. Black Heart Coffee

2020 was a hard year for everyone. But this coffee shop opened in the middle of the pandemic – and made it through the storm. If you’re looking for delightful black coffee, beautiful artwork, and delicious breakfast options in the Los Angeles area, this is the place to be.

8. SPLA Coffee

SPLA Coffee is a minimalistic shop in the Los Angeles area, serving you farm-direct Brazilian coffee with notes you’ve never tried. They showcase the urban culture inspired by Brazil’s caffeine capital, São Paulo, while constantly evolving with their new coffee projects.

7. Big House Beans

Big House Beans in the Bay Area is roasted locally by their own team, made with purpose. Their house made lavender cold brew is definitely a must-try and their latte art is pretty impressive. Two simple principles they live by: Love Coffee & Love People. Definitely the place to be if your heart yearns for more purpose in coffee shops.

6. Spill the Beans Coffee

Spill the Beans is rapidly defining how adults should begin their day. Their coffee surpasses the expectations in both taste and sustainability. Both of their locations are located in the fine city of San Diego – where you can enjoy their coffee strolling around the scenic Seaport Village area or Downtown San Diego.

5. Flat White Coffee

Flat White Coffee is a family-owned, specialty coffee shop in Cypress, CA, serving the best quality coffee drinks, along with daily baked goods and teas. Best of all, the barista is a U.S. Latte Art Champion. Visit them if you #lovecoffee and #supportsmallbusinesses.

4. Intentional Coffee

Be more intentional this upcoming year with Intentional Coffee, located in Fullerton, CA. If you’re the type of person who enjoys coffee shop studying, come in and enjoy a relaxed ambience with great coffee, great food, and great music.

3. Garden Coffee

This coffee shop is simply a *calling* for all plant lovers in the San Diego area. Reward yourself after a long week at Garden Coffee with a cup of joe, relaxing in their unique outdoor garden area. Oh and stroll around for unique treasures, plants and more with their sister plant shop next door.

2. Lestat’s Coffee House

This popular coffee house in San Diego is known for their funky abode-feeling seating arrangements, quality coffee, and being *the* 24/7 study spot. Before the pandemic, their shops maintained a 24/7 schedule, where you could stay up all night, sipping on some tea, finishing up that last assignment. (Crossing my fingers they re-open 24/7 someday)

1. The Espresso Lab Cafe

Located in Ocean Beach, CA, The Espresso Lab offers an experience of its own. They’re known for their famous Avocado Latte, vegan options, and their festive “Delightful Gingerbread Latte” in the Winter. They’re constantly evolving with the most unique drinks, and their pink floral aesthetic shop makes the experience that much better.