CAMERICH Los Angeles New Gervasoni Showroom Now Available To Order


Camerich Los Angeles is thrilled to welcome Gervasoni to both showrooms. Gervasoni has been producing furniture in Italy since 1882, and is currently under the artistic direction of Paola Navone.

The collection is strong and modern with an emphasis on materials and texture.

Additionally, we have their beautiful Outdoor collection, just in time for Summer. Everything shown here, and the entire collection, is available for immediate order.

Shown above and below, the Nuvola Chair.

Below are a few other pieces from the collection:

The Brass Pendant Light by Paola Navone.
The Brass Pendant Light by Paola Navone.
The Brick Small, Medium, and Large. A natural barked hornbeam trunk section for use as side table or stool.
The Gray 07 Lounge Chair by Paola Navone.
The Ghost Out (outdoor) Sofa and In Out Ceramic Stools/Tables.
The Ghost Out (outdoor) Sofa.
The Panda 19 Lounge Chair.

For more information about Gervasoni for your projects, please contact:

Camerich Los Angeles
461 North Robertson
Los Angeles, CA 90048
T: (310) 881-6199