Camp Pendleton Soldiers Learning New Combat Hunter Technic


The best military in the world is about to become even more efficient, and the training is happening right here in California. Lessons from the war on terror are the backbone of a new training program at Camp Pendleton. Soldiers are learning how to better identify a threat in a war zone using a technic called combat hunter. This teaches Marines to think and act as hunters and take out terrorists before the threat becomes a reality.

Former police officer Greg is the combat specialist leading the Marine Corps most recent innovation of combat training. His team brings a unique skill of observing, profiling, and tracking an enemy target from both city life and big-game hunting to the battlefield. Different types of scenarios are set up to create an atmosphere where each solider is a better intel gatherer, better observer and has the ability to pick out insurgents and terrorists from any type of crowd.

According to Colonel Fred Padilla, 90% of hunting is finding what you’re looking for and the last 10% is just engaging what you’re looking for. Combat hunter training teaches soldiers to find their enemies before their enemies strike even in the confusing fog of war. It helps to cut through some of the fog and friction and enable Marines to understand their situation and make the right decisions.

A big part of the combat hunter training is understanding the Iraqi mindset, the differences between an innocent civilian and a probable threat are key. These marines are training with real Iraqis who have been in the Iraq war and have worked side by side with US forces for the last three to four years. Greg believes this training is also helping to knock down a major foe, Al Qaeda.