Insomnia is not an uncommon issue that people deal with. A new national survey has said that 97 percent of people have trouble sleeping. However, the factors that are causing insomnia can be easily fixed.

CertiPUR gives us the top five reasons that can cause Insomnia.

  • 1)Too hot or too cold
  • 2)Uncomfortable matress
  • 3)Aches and Pains
  • 4)Not getting outdoors enough
  • 5)Blue Light such as watching TV before bed

So How Can you Fix These?

  1. Invest in a fan or a heated blanket
  2. Make sure you switch your mattress out every 8-10 years and make sure it has the CertiPUR certification label.
  3. Make sure you pain medication does not disrupt sleep
  4. Exercise more or get outdoors more
  5. Blue light messes with our circadian rhythms. Make sure you stop watching Tv or your smartphone at least an hour before bed.

You can check out www.CertiPUR.US/Sleepless for more healthy sleeping tips!