Chance to Win a Lavish “Micro” Wedding


McKenzi Taylor and Cactus Collective Weddings Want to Gift A Couple Affected by COVID-19 with a Lavish Micro-Wedding in one of Las Vegas’ most picturesque desert locations.

Pandemic times have inspired droves of couples to go “micro” with their wedding celebrations without skipping the beauty, romance and luxury that a larger traditional wedding brings.  

At the center of this exploding trend is Las Vegas Wedding Coordinator, McKenzi Taylor. Her company, Cactus Collective Weddings, has been at the forefront of the outdoor, micro-wedding movement for years… before 2020 flipped the script on large gatherings and celebrations.  

McKenzi is the preeminent luxury micro-wedding coordinator in the Las Vegas area and one of the most sought after outdoor micro-wedding coordinators in the U.S. 

Her company produces intimate outdoor weddings throughout Nevada’s most desirable natural locations, from breathtaking canyons and lakes to five star hotel courtyards, mountaintops and lush exotic plant nurseries. She and her team handle everything from special location permitting and design set up to ceremony officiants, musical accompaniment, food and beverages, themes, florals, and of course, gorgeous photography to last couples a lifetime!

McKenzi’s company Cactus Collective Weddings would like to collaborate with your show to run an on-air, online and social media contest to find a deserving couple who has been directly affected by COVID-19, whereby Cactus Collective Weddings will gift them a stunning Las Vegas luxury micro-wedding set in one of Nevada’s most surreal and picturesque natural locations. 

McKenzi’s team will handle all arrangements for the winning couple and pick up the tab!

Perhaps there is a deserving couple out there who both work as essential healthcare workers, putting their own health on the line every day to care for COVID patients. It could also be a couple where one or both people are COVID survivors, or an engaged couple that has lost a close loved one to COVID. Either way, there is a couple out there that deserves the micro-wedding of their dreams, and McKenzi and her team want to make that happen for them.  

Have a look at and let’s connect and brainstorm how to make this happen for two lucky viewers!