Conquer Dehydration with SOS Hydration for National Hydration Day


SOS Hydration tackles dehydration with prehydration for National Hydration day. During a normal day we lose about two litres of water just through breathing, sweat, urine and bowel movements. When we exercise, we can lose up to two litres per hour.

While sweating, the two main electrolytes lost are: sodium (range 10-70 mEq/L) and chloride (range 5-60 mEq/L).

Dehydration results in an increase in cardiovascular strain, with heart rate being shown to increase by 4 beats per minute for each percent loss in body weight. This corresponds with an increase in body temperature and the rate at which glycogen stored in the muscles is consumed.

When we first start to sense thirst, we are already close to 2% dehydrated. This can result in headaches, tiredness and fatigue which are further exacerbated without adequate rehydration and rebalancing of electrolytes.

The Solution

The solution is hydrating for performance with SOS Hydration.

When fluid arrives at the first portion of the small bowel, the unique SOS formula activates our bodies’ Sodium/Glucose co-transport system. As part of this process, one molecule of sodium is pulled from the small intestine into the blood vessels by a corresponding molecule of glucose. Consequently, due to osmotic forces in the body, water is absorbed as it always follows sodium.

The ‘Sodium/Glucose co-transport system’ was discovered by the medical community, and is used to combat mild to moderate dehydration, saving millions of lives all over the world. This method of delivery is called Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) and is fully endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.

SOS matches the global standard set by the WHO. 9 We have also been able to lower the osmolarity and stabilize the taste – a complex challenge that no other rehydration drink has currently managed.

SOS is as effective as an IV Drip at combating mild to moderate dehydration.

Osmolarity is the balance between water and sodium in the body. The normal (isotonic) osmolarity is 290mmol/L. The lower the osmolarity, the faster the body can absorb water. High glucose concentrations can increase the osmolarity of drinks.

SOS’ osmolarity is 230mmol/L, which means we are a hypo-tonic drink. The most effective formula for water-absorption when compared to isotonic and hyper-tonic solutions.

SOS’ osmolarity is 20% lower than the average hydration drink, 25% lower than the average coconut water, 50% lower than the average sports drink, and over 80% lower than the average soda.

Perform at Your Peak

Our very own Kaori Takee is joined by Co-Founder of SOS Hydration, James Mayo to celebrate National Hydration day and talk about the importance of re-hydrating and the revolutionary results that come from SOS Hydration and prehydration.