Could Your Dogs Scratching Be More Than Just An Itch? Kate Walsh has the Answer.


Let’s face it…dogs scratch, but when is your dog’s scratching more than “just an itch?” Actress and life-long dog lover, Kate Walsh, knows first-hand that dogs can be “off their game” because of allergic itching. Kate joins California Life to share important information on how you can get your dog’s A-Game back.

Kate knew her dog was off her “a-game” when her dog, Rosie, itching wouldn’t stop. She took her to the vet and was prescribed apoquel which relieved Rosie’s allergy-related itching. 

Kate has partnered with Zoetis, a global animal health company, for “itchy pet awareness month.”

If your pet can’t make it across the living room without scratching, take them into your veterinarian and have them checked out. 

My Dogs A Game is asking people to get involved by uploading a picture via selfie and use the hashtag #MyDogsAGame. For every picture uploaded, Zoetis is going to make a $10 donation to K-9 courage. A program that helps fund retired service dogs. 

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