Cuddly is Creating a Community of Animal Lovers, Around the World


Airing: Episode 484, Week of Saturday March 9, 2019 

For us here at California Life our pets and animals are our family. Animal abuse is a real and unfortunate thing. is a worldwide website registry, where animal activists and lovers can donate gifts funds and warmth to promote the end of animal abuse. Just recently they helped save a dog who was found left for dead, in a dumpster in Long Beach.

Kaori Takee has this touching story. Chloe had been found in a trash can, she was tied up in a bag with a bunch of rancid trash. She was immediately rushed to the vet and it was a cruelty case. She had two different skull fractures, had a minor back fracture and also had a leg fracture. Her leg was snapped in half.

So the vets at Long Beach Animal Emergency and a partner at Primary Care Veterinary did a wonderful job stabilizing her, getting everything set. She’s quite the little survivor. Right now pets always need help and dogs are constantly popping up that need help. So it’s not just Chloe, there are hundreds of thousands of dogs out there that need help. Y

There are many animals out there who haven’t been found, that need a good home and shelter. That’s where Cuddly comes in. Cuddly is a community of animal people, where animal people shop and give. They serve over 1,300 rescues around the world and donors. Essentially rescues can create fundraisers and ask for products and you as a donor can donate.

They found Chloe and we were so inspired to start an account for her and a wish list and fundraiser. You can purchase items, if you’re a pet parent you can create your own present list and they have local rescues around the world. So even if you live in Los Angeles you can help a rescue in New York or even in Thailand and vice versa. Cuddly is creating a huge community of animal lovers.