Dairy Delights: Chef Will Kolman’s Legendary Recipes for National Dairy Month!


June is National Dairy Month, and Coast to Coast’s Alexis Linder spoke with TV chef Will Kolman to explore some legendary dairy recipes that are perfect for celebrating this special occasion. Chef Kolman emphasizes that National Dairy Month is not just about enjoying delicious food but also about recognizing and honoring the hard work of dairy farmers.

To kick off your dairy celebrations, Chef Kolman suggests trying his sweet and savory ice cream sandwiches. These delectable treats feature Athenos Traditional Feta and grated St. Parmesan cheese, adding a unique twist to a classic dessert. For a refreshing summertime dish, Chef Kolman’s spicy sweet corn salad is a must-try. This salad combines creamy Gouda and jalapeño cheeses with a creamy dressing made from Odyssey 2% Greek yogurt!

When it comes to cheese, Chef Kolman knows that Wisconsin offers a wide variety of options. One of his favorites is Boar’s Head sharp Wisconsin cheddar, which he uses to create a light, crispy, and airy phyllo tart. Topped with sharp cheddar, crispy bacon, basil, and heirloom tomatoes, this appetizer is sure to impress your guests.

For more dairy recipes and stories about dairy farmers, be sure to visit WisconsinCheese.com. This National Dairy Month, let’s raise a glass to the farmers and celebrate the flavors of dairy!