Diabetes Self-Cure.com Reveals Evidence-Based Solution for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-diabetes in Our Communities


African Americans are more likely to die from diabetes than white Americans according to the US National Library of Medicine; but there is a simple solution.  Diabetes Self-Cure announces a proven system to help reverse and cure pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes in our communities. This has been featured by WebMD. 

In the United States, pre-diabetes and full-blown type 2 diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. A UCLA study shows that in California alone, 13 million adults are pre-diabetic and 2.5 million, (or 9% of the population,) is type 2 diabetic. The research also found that the two groups represent 15.5 million people (55 percent of the state’s population). Apply this equation to the entire United States and the figure becomes staggering. The same research found that 30% of pre-diabetics will acquire full-blown type 2 diabetes within five years of their diagnosis and the remaining 70% will develop it in their lifetime. 

Many people know someone or have a family member who is diabetic. “When people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, some go into denial, followed by self-disappointment and sometimes anger. In a rush to find a solution, they become susceptible to misleading information that leads many of the newly-diagnosed to make decisions which, unbeknownst to them, allow for the progression of the diabetes, eventually resulting in heart disease, kidney failure, limb amputation, and even early death by stroke,” says Quansah. 

The good news is that, since pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are acquired through lifestyle choices, it can be reversed. The first step is acknowledgment of this fact, followed by taking the correct steps toward reversal immediately. “Diabetes Self-Cure.com offers a complete and robust diabetes cure program from our website, which is based on solid research,” explains Quansah. “When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I didn’t know I could reverse it, let alone cure it—until I asked my doctor. He replied: ‘You can cure type 2 diabetes using a number of approaches all working together.’ I began researching a cure with assistance from several doctors, which led to the development of my diabetes cure program. The results were reviewed and featured in WebMD Diabetes, September 2016 Issue, page 19 and on their website. This is a powerful testimonial and confirmation that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured.” 

Quansah’s findings has been confirmed by the work of Dr. Natalia McInnes of McMaster University, who published an article in the National Post stating that type 2 diabetes can be cured in four months. “Words cannot describe the emotions I felt when my doctor pronounced me diabetes-free,” says Quansah. “Your diabetes is cured. Your blood sugar level is back to normal and your blood pressure is excellent,” said Dr. Anthony Robinson. I informed him: “Now that I know how type 2 diabetes can be cured, I must help others diabetics.” The doctor replied, “That is an excellent idea.” 

Mr. Quansah now  helps  pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics normalize their blood sugar level, blood pressure, and experience the overwhelming happiness that comes by reversing their condition simply by following a modified and simple-to-use version of our pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes cure system, now available to the consumers at https://diabetesselfcure.com/ or https://justfordiabetics.com.

About the Company

Diabetics Self-Cure.com and Just for Diabetics.com was founded by Ernest Quansah, lifestyle strategist specializing in the cure of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. He is the author of Diabetic’s Journey. He operates online to make his diabetes cure affordable.