For the re-launch of their first ever fragrance, Pigmentarium unveils a campaign featuring dancer Fraser Roach from the Czech National Ballet

“We thought about how our very first perfume AD LIBITUM would have been created as part of the nowadays sophisticated concept of scents, still unique but matching the group and not just functioning as a solitaire perfume as discussed in the original creative idea. Spring 2021 will therefore bring a new perspective on AD LIBITUM, the composition which was developed even before PIGMENTARIUM was created. Thought through and detailed adjustment brought a minimal change. But as we like to refer to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: „God is in the details.” One final component has been added to the perfume: Aldehydes. Due to their ability to enhance the perception of some of the ingredients, the scent as a whole is well more rounded than before.”

Four perfumes have been created under Pigmentarium perfume house and each of them has been accompanied by a visual presentation that completes the work.

On the occasion of the re-launch of AD LIBITUM perfume, a new photo campaign is presented. The name Ad Libitum which can be translated as “at once pleasure” or “without restriction” is a term of free improvisation in music. A free moment in the middle of an artistic scheme when the performer expresses himself. The new pictorial composition is created around the term “Ad Lib”.

The visual story remains elegant, airy, and illuminated by the sun. It pays tribute to Prague and art in the most comprehensive way yet. In the creative collaboration of Pigmentarium (Tomáš Ric & Jakub Hiermann) with photographer Jan Grombiřík and filmmaker Anežka Horová a pictorial study was born which captures the current form of the AD LIBITUM fragrance with the movements of Fraser Roach.

The film is available for viewing online from April 7, 2021 at


Pigmentarium is a perfume house presenting a kaleidoscope of scents with emphasis on fine raw materials and essential oils of the highest quality. Pigmentarium is a celebration of beauty and harmony. Together with artists and artisans, it creates a symphony of senses inspired by the longest memory of man – the olfactory memory.

Every single PIGMENTARIUM perfume is a creative statement of dreams, thoughts, and desires. None of them follows any trend – the scents are designed to underline the character of the person wearing it whether male or female. PIGMENTARIUM sources the very best quality of essential oils and fine raw materials to provide long-lasting, quality fragrances.


Czech craftsmen and small family businesses take a crucial part in the individual elements of the PIGMENTARIUM products. Incense altars are made of precious wood, incense sticks are wrapped in hand-folded paper boxes, the labeling and the assembly itself are made locally with love to details and pride.

The only exception is the incense sticks which are made in a traditional way in Sri Lankato ensure local production with the best craftsmen.

“We respect honest work. We respect handcrafts. We collaborate with sculptor and  artist Tereza Štětinová, who created unique perfume stands and Incense Altar. All our packaging is handmade by a traditional Prague family company – Studio Činčera.”

– PIGMENTARIUM creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub Florian Hiermann

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