Discover The Beauty of Sunset Beach


More than 100 years ago, they passed out brochures luring investors to a beachfront getaway on this little stretch of ocean at the end of a 50 minute ride west on the Pacific Electric Railway. What they found was a little stretch of heaven that we still call Sunset Beach.

Now, on any given night as many as 8 clubs or restaurants in this tiny town boast music. Ranging from the eclectic, to the cover, to the hardcore rock, there’s something for everybody.

On the inland side, the harbor features some of the counties most established homes, and on the beach when residence is sold a bigger and more expensive one does often replace it.

As for the day to day way of life, there is no home delivery in sunset so a trip to your local post office is the only way to get your mail. It is a way of life often sought-after but rarely achieved in these busy days. Everyone really does know their neighbors names here, as Sunset Beach is all about the hometown feel.

All this and more make Sunset Beach the perfect place to live.