Discover What’s Trending at Fashion Week San Diego


Heather Dawson goes inside this year’s Fashion Seek San Diego Annual Fall Runway to celebrate a decade in style. Check out what’s emerging in fashion from talented Southern California designers and see all of the latest trends from America’s finest city.

San Diego is the perfect storm for an event like Fashion Week. This week on our show, learn more about the long-running FWSD show’s past, present, and future; and see the stories behind the runway designers and models.

Check out the latest trends and meet a few of FWSD’s thorough, unique and artistic designers like Carlos Remirez, of RACA brand.

Check out the video below for Heather Dawson’s coverage of this year’s event.

2018 Fashion Week San Diego

Learn more about how the nonprofit sister organization, FabAuthority (Facebook: Fashion Art Business Authority) is teaming up with FWSD.

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Photo Credit: The Fashion Medley