Eat more fruits and veggies with these simple, summertime recipes!


Summertime has arrived and with the warm weather and sunny skies comes an abundance of fresh ingredients. But, have you been eating the suggested amount of fruit and veggies?

Recent studies show that the average person is supposed to eat one and a half to two cups of fruit every day and two to three cups of vegetables. However, an average of 75% of Americans don’t get that much fruit in and 87% fail to eat enough vegetables.

That’s why California Life talked with Registered Dietitian Alissa Rumsey about how getting those daily servings in for the whole family might be easier than you think.

In fact, one staple might already be in your fridge. Rumsey shares how an 8-ounce glass of orange juice counts as a whole serving of fruit with added nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, folate and no added sugar.

Rumsey also shares simple summer recipes that use O-J to spice up your average meals such as nachos, oatmeal and even meatballs! For details regarding these recipe ideas with your proper fruit servings, watch the full segment below or visit