Enjoy Christmas With Less Stress and More Tradition With These Tips From Carla Hall


Holidays are a time for family celebrations and time-honored traditions – that’s the beauty of the season!

That’s why we talked with TV Host and Chef Carla Hall who showed us how to make sure those good memories are not lost in the chaos that can consume us this time of year.

Every family has their own way to connect for the holidays. For example, Carla Hall says for her – it’s all about passing down her family’s favorite meals.

“When I am getting together with my family the one thing I do is to share recipes with my family and everybody who’s coming to the dinner so it’s kind of like a potluck, but I’m directing it” she explained.

But for some, hosting the holidays can be overwhelming. That’s why Carla told us that taking the stress out of holiday entertaining is all about keeping it simple.

“Maybe use wrapping paper as the runner and not only is that going to give you a pop of color instantly, it’s also disposable, so after dinner you take that paper and you ball it up and you throw it away.”

For more tips on keeping up with family traditions and simplifying the holiday season, watch the full segment below or see it air globally on California Life with Heather Dawson.