Entrepreneural Advice from Inc 5000 Entrepreneur Eugene Gold


Entrepreneur Eugene Gold has a lot to say about success, he wants to help other people acquire the knowledge and achieve financial independence. There are so many kids with $300,000 student debt who are trying to get a job and they’re competing. What they need is sales knowledge, what they need is financial knowledge in order to be able to survive in this world.

He talks about the 40-40-40 rule, where you’re going to work for 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to retire at 40 percent of your income. That isn’t what he calls success. The way to success and financial freedom is passion. Being passionate about what you want to do gives you the strongest competitive advantage against anyone else. You will work extra 40 to 60 hours on top of your 40 hours trying, experimenting and tweaking because you want to know everything about it.

When failure comes, you start understanding that you only need 200 “no’s” before you’re going to get this “yes”.

As someone who grew his business from scratch and is number 64 on Inc 5000, it may be helpful to listen to his advice.

Passion is everything, whether you’re late or early forty, fifty, you know that if you’re passionate about something you can still learn, you can still make a difference.”