Falling for All New Amazon Technology This Season


We all know cooler weather means cooler temperatures- but did you expect to see even cooler devices hit the market this season?

David Wylie gets the inside scoop with Amazon’s Devices PR Manager Molly Wade to learn about the latest trends.

The Echo Dot has proven to be one of Amazon’s best-sellers in the past. This year the All-New Echo Dot is bringing even better innovation to your home. The device has been modified with a sleek new design which includes various color options along with its fabric finish. The All-New Echo Dot offers the best quality for an even better price.

Alexa is a family favorite in many homes today, and Amazon is continuing to make great improvements to the beloved device. The Echo Show includes a 10 inch HD screen which makes it easier than ever to set-up your smart home hub. Another great feature of the Echo Show is the guided cooking option which will save cooks from the hassle of scrolling through recipes with dirty fingers while cooking. 

In entertainment- the Fire TV Recast is the perfect option for any household. It is a companion DVR that lets you watch, record and replay free local TV. The free content received allows users to take control and watch it anytime, anywhere.

For the protection of your home the Ring Stick Up Cam is an easy to use indoor/outdoor security camera that comes in both battery and wired options. This means that the cameras can be placed anywhere for the greatest home safety plan.

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