Female Founded Tequila Company, 21 SEEDS, Gains Traction as Celebrity Cocktail of Choice and Opens the Door for Women to Embrace the World of Tequila



 21 SEEDS, the newly launched, all-natural fruit infused tequila company founded by Kat Hantas, Nicole Emanuel, and Sarika Singh has quickly emerged as a celebrity favorite with the fledgling brand already making its way to the coveted “O List” in the June 2020 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Katie Couric, Jessica Alba, celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and celebrity skin care guru Shani Darden all share the same love for the specialty tequila and consider 21 SEEDS’ smooth, aromatic offerings of the label’s Valencia Orange, Grapefruit Hibiscus and Cucumber Jalapeño infusions among their favorite adult beverages. The traction this newcomer has gained among bold face names and women alike is buzzworthy with national coverage on the Today Show, CBS News, Us Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, and E! News Daily. The female led company whose slogan #girlscalltheshots has carved out a unique space in a traditionally dominated male tequila industry by creating healthy, no fuss cocktails attractive to women thru the spirit’s flavor forward fruit profiles.

21 SEEDS’ distinct infusions have gained quick popularity based on its award-winning, premium taste cultivated from a proprietary blend of agaves from the lowland and highland regions of Jalisco and lack of high fructose corn syrup found in most flavored spirits. The tequila is crafted for a super-smooth Blanco base allowing the fruit to truly take center stage, ideal for low-calorie, delicious cocktails. Out of the gate, the company’s infused tequilas have garnered attention and recognition with Valencia Orange awarded Best of Show, Double Gold at WSWA in 2019, Cucumber Jalapeno awarded 90 Points for Best in Category at the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2019, and with Grapefruit Hibiscus taking the Gold Award at WSWA in 2019. 

Founder Kat Hantas created 21 SEEDS because it is quite simply what she wanted to drink, something smooth, simple and casual with fresh, natural flavor that made drinking tequila as approachable as a glass of wine or beer. Nothing in the marketplace fit the bill. Before it was a brand, it was just a few bottles infused in her kitchen with ingredients readily at hand – cucumbers, jalapeños, oranges and grapefruits. Served to guests from her home and taken to dinner parties, the homemade infusions quickly became conversation starters and set the table for a new tequila experience that friends and family embraced.

After demand from her inner circle for Kat’s homemade brew continued to climb, one bottle turned into dozens of bottles. Joining with her sister, Nicole Emanuel and long-time friend Sarika Singh, all previous entrepreneurs, the three women traveled to Mexico seeking out a partner distillery and found one owned and staffed predominantly by women, a perfect fit. After experimenting for close to a year on different infusions, they eventually perfected the recipe and 21 SEEDS was born. 

It is the hope of the founders that 21 SEEDS is more than just a delicious tequila, but that it will inspire consumers to gather their own tribe of friends and family to share and connect. It’s the seed of something bigger.