Fighting Cancer Through Exercise is Seeing Results


Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is fighting alongside cancer patients through one simple act that has improved the outcome of individual cancer treatment and quality of life– exercise.

Located in 8 hospitals within the United States, Dr. Karen Wonders hopes to be a part of many more patient’s cancer journey. She describes the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s specific location within these select hospitals as being as close to the infusion and treatment rooms as possible. This means that as soon as patients are diagnosed they have a safe place that is ready to find a physical and mental health plan, as well as a nutrition plan.

According to Dr. Wonders, “Most patients have found themselves stronger after radiation and chemotherapy.” This is a beautiful and life changing establishment which aims to promote the health and well-being of every cancer patient. Check out a TEDXDayton lecture led by Dr. Karen Wonders HERE!

On top of the physical care that Dr. Wonders has created at the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is the spiritual encouragement that she is driven to share with clients. She returned to school to receive a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies so that she would be equipped to help each patient who enters the program with the spiritual strength to defeat cancer. Her desire to care for cancer patients stems from a personal connection she has to the disease. Her grandfather bravely battled Colon Cancer. In 2010 Dr. Wonders launched this program to help other cancer warriors like her grandfather.

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