Find out about the Latest Smart Technology You Need!


Just about everything today is digitally connected whether at home, at the office, or on the go. California Life’s David Wylie got the chance to ask Tech Lifestyle Expert, Carly Knobloch, about some great smart technology that will help simplify your life.

For laptops, Carly recommends the Lenovo Yoga C630 because it’s super lightweight, always connected because of 4G and wifi, and you can also draw with the optional pen! It’s ready for business and fun.

At home, she recommends the NETGEAR Orbi Voice, it has a premium audio speaker, Amazon Alexa built in as a voice assistant, and a mesh wifi satellite.

Another home product recommendation is the Kidde Wire-Free Interconnect Smoke Alarms. All the smoke alarms are connected, so when one detects smoke, the rest of the alarms sound together in unison. The products connect without wires, have 10-year batteries, and are easy to install.

For smart home security systems, Carly recommends the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. It features built-in WiFi and is simple to install. Also, you can get real-time smartphone notifications about who is coming in and out of your home.

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