From Heidi Klum’s 3 stone stunner, to J.Lo causing the emerald cut to make a major comeback and everything in between!


With “Engagement Season” we have what has become this year’s most requested styles based off trend-setting celebrity rings.  Below, Peter Meksian of Michael M, the premier bridal and fashion jewelry house, gives his top picks along with similar styles to get the look.

Announcing her engagement at the beginning of the year, Heidi Klum flaunts her ring, a center stone flanked by two diamonds, making this a bold statement making style all the rage.

The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher second engagement ring is a 5-carat jaw dropper, but the Hidden Halo detail on the ring is what is sure to become a huge trend.  This unique detail adds an unexpected sparkle and makes the diamond appear to be floating on the band.

From J.Lo’s blinding 20 carat sparkler to Lauren’s beautiful 3.5 solitaire on a dainty diamond band, these are just two examples proving that emerald cuts are back in a big way.

Ovals have always been a popular choice in the Hollywood crowd.  Sarah Hyland’s 5 carat solitaire on a thin gold band is a prime example of why the classic shapeis here to stay!