Healthgrades Provides Lifesaving Information About Local Hospital Care


Checking into a hospital can be a nerve racking process, especially if you are unaware of the facility’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of care. Healthgrades is here to help you Find the Right Doctor & Get the Best Care.

Using industry-leading data, Healthgrades has ranked 100 cities around the country based on factors that matter most in a community’s health.

Dr. Archelle Georgiou is a Healthcare Industry Expert who says that there are two important factors when deciding upon a healthcare plan, “One is, what are the complication rates, and two is, what are the mortality rates? In other words, what are the survival rates?”. Healthgrades aims to offer information that will help patients make the right choice as they proceed with their healthcare.

Healthgrades looks at Access to Care, Population Health, Hospital Quality and Local Specialists so that you are provided an in-depth analysis of local healthcare. Emergency health situations can be less stressful with this upgrade.

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