Hearing Loss Impacting 48 Million Americans


Everyday sound, it’s something we often take for granted but for many, it’s a struggle. Hearing loss is an often misunderstood condition that impacts some 48 million Americans.

While you may not realize it, hearing health is an essential part of life because hearing connects you with people and helps build and maintain interpersonal relationships. Fortunately, experts say the signs of hearing loss can be easy to recognize if somebody is leaning in, if they’re squinting at you as they’re trying to attract the conversation, if they’re asking you to repeat yourself or if the television has to go up louder than what’s comfortable for others these are all indicators that somebody or yourself is really having some hearing concerns.

Despite the serious consequences of hearing loss, experts find that many people are reluctant to admit they have a problem. They perceive that there’s a stigma associated with hearing loss or they feel that hearing loss means they’re getting old and nobody wants to get old. Experts say hearing loss can lead to other problems as well, there is a documented connection between untreated hearing loss and dementia and there is social isolation that people experience. Although there are many ways to combat hearing loss including hearing aids, for doctors Soiles hearing aids provided amazing relief. Before She got hearing aids it seemed as though she was underwater and everything around her was muffled and unclear. Now that she has hearing aids it’s as if she’s emerging out of that water.

With that in mind October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, through the campaign for better hearing there’s an effort to make everyone aware of the importance of getting your hearing checked. The goal is to raise awareness of the consequences of hearing loss and to put Hearing Care on everybody’s healthcare agenda. You can learn more about the free hearing exams at hearinglife.com, you’ll see a wealth of information about the campaign, hearing aids, hearing loss, and hearing protection. Always a good reminder that no matter your age to get your hearing checked.

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