Honoring caregivers during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month


supporthero1Many associate the month of March with college basketball.

What you may not know, is that  March is also Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month – a time for those living with MS to celebrate and honor the people who play an important role in their lives, by helping and supporting them each day.  

An estimated 400,000 Americans are living with MS, and about 200 new cases are diagnosed each week.

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, and unpredictable, disease that attacks the central nervous system. There is no cure, but some drug treatments along with exercise and eating a healthy diet have proven effective in reducing the discomfort. Another important factor for those who suffer with MS is a caretaker.

Caretakers are often so focused on their patients that they neglect to take care of themselves. The “My Support Hero” initiative is aimed at giving them the recognition and support they need and deserve.

To learn more about the initiative, be sure to check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life!