Hope Comes Home with the At-Home Premiere of I Still Believe


A Christian rock-star has been telling his story of love and loss to his fans for many years now. But now everyone can see this inspiring story on the big screen and a brand new movie called I still believe.

During these difficult times we are thrilled to share that “hope comes home” on March 27 with the at-home premiere of @istillbelieve on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube and more! 

As a young Jeremy Camp headed off to his first year of college he had no idea how far his gift would take him. Attending a Christian University in Southern California Camp met the woman who would change his life.

As their romance grew so did camp success as a songwriter and singer the young couples faith was tested when Melissa got a devastating diagnosis cancer but as fans of camp no that didn’t stop him and Melissa from walking through the fire together.

Jeremy camp has been sharing this story on stage for years. He says it’s his faith in God along with a gift of music and storytelling that have helped him cope.

I Still Believe has a built-in audience with the Christian community and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the message is certainly inspiring for everyone.