How to get Perfect Holiday Hair!


Winter is coming, but it doesn’t have to come for anyone’s tresses. No matter how cold it gets outside, curly, coily and wavy hair can still weather the storm. RevAir, the revolutionary hair dryer that curly-haired users can’t get enough of, just debuted a new line of innovative hair care products worthy of a stocking stuffer for even the most beauty-savvy!

The Tribology Haircare Collection from RevAir delivers stellar results no matter the drying routine but is uniquely designed to work synergistically with the Reverse-Air Dryer. With a focus on sealing, strengthening, and increasing shine, the Tribology Complex boasts proven results, including:

  • 9.34% thicker hair
  • 13.62% increased strand strength
  • 32.8% glossiness
  • 15.36% lengthening
  • 358% improved shine

To see mind-blowing, salon-quality before and afters, as well as RevAir in action, check out videos on the website, and read reviews of the product here.