How To Tell Which Charities Are Legitimate This Holiday Season


There’s no shortage of charities looking for help this holiday season – but how do you know which charities are legitimate and which are not? California Life’s David Wylie tells us about easy ways to do your research.

A national survey has found that millennials are the most likely to do background research on charities before donating. In fact, millennials – more than any generation – are not only doing their research before donating, but they’re also introducing their children to more types of charities.

But no matter what generation you are, when considering making a contribution to a group or organization, there are many important aspects to consider.

With so many charitable groups out there, it’s important that all of us do some homework. Some of that homework could even be looking into the Better Business Bureau, which has done a lot of research for us on thousand of national and local charities. uses 20 standards to rate these charities. From management, to finances and the effectiveness of their mission – all the reports are available for free. So before giving this holiday season, do a little research at

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