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Innovative new product designed by dentist helps to alleviate bad breath for a fresh, healthy smile


Bad breath is embarrassing, unhealthy and thankfully treatable.

Entrepreneur, dentist and innovator, Dr. Susanne Cohen, is a nationally recognized expert on bad breath and co-founder of SmartMouth. With more than 27 years in the dental and oral care industries, Dr. Cohen has combined her dental and business experience to launch leading-edge products that leaves its’ consumers with a lifetime of fresh breath.

Cohen explains not only where bad breath comes from, but also the natural and clinical remedies that can help alleviate it.

A more typical fixer is mouth wash. The mouth wash called SmartMouth gives you fresh breath for 12 hours. SmartMouth can be purchased as a rinse or as on the go packets, so that you can take 12-hour fresh breath with you wherever you go.

If you are looking to purchase SmartMouth products, they are available in most drug stores, or you can go to

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