Keeping Beauty Alive: Support Creatives, New Non-profit Gives Artists Opportunities for Growth During Trying Times


Giving artists in the beauty industry a sense of hope through Support Creatives, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by industry professionals, Melody O’Flaherty and her husband (celebrity hairstylist), Michael Dueñas.

The beauty industry is always evolving, but it has never experienced anything like this before. Thousands of stylists and artists are undergoing a huge loss in work and clients, making it difficult to pay their bills. The future of the industry is questionable, and that is why Support Creatives is here to help: aiming to fill the gap in the world of charities by providing artists in the industry with the proper support system they require.

Launching April 6th, stylists will have access to financial aid, mentorship programs, and opportunities to advance education. The COVID-19 crisis inspired the movement, but the goal of this program is to ensure lifelong success, rather than a temporary fix. This means whether it’s during moments of crisis or personal growth, the program is available to artists during the entirety of their careers.

Support Creatives Programs Include:

  • Emergency Beauty Support:  Financial assistance to artists that are struggling to help pay their bills, purchase supplies, and put food on the table
  • Mentorship:  Established artists are standing by to help others create their own personal success story.
  • Online Education Program:  Live, online courses will be taught by industry professionals. 
  • Tool and Product Support:  Provide artists with missing pieces for their toolkit once they are back to work.

Brands, artists, you can’t really have one without the others… When one group takes a hit, the others feel it. This is a community, and we all have to support one another for collective success.”

-Melody O’Flaherty

Melody O’Flaherty and Michael Duñas have decades of experience in the beauty community. O’Flaherty is a beauty publicist and founder of Melody Joy Public Relations, while Duñas has been perfecting his craft as a celebrity hairstylist for 20 years. From editorials and press junkets to red carpets, he understands the weight this pandemic has for stylists around the globe.

“As a freelance hairdresser, I understand how difficult it is to pay your bills and grow your craft, especially during moments of crisis… In an uncertain market, I want to provide the means and stability for every artist to achieve their dreams.”

-Michael Duñas

While merging both of their talents and expertise, they hope to help the beauty community, one artist at a time.

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