Las Vegas Introduces an All New Sign that is Drawing Attraction from Tourists


On the intersection of Main St. and Las Vegas Blvd. an all new sign has been officially revealed. The bigger and brighter sign has been in the works for some time in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tourists are already lining up to have their picture taken at the latest attraction.

The original Las Vegas sign is an iconic piece of history that has been the centerpiece of millions, if not billions, of photo opportunities. However, the new sign is a hopeful new addition to the ranks of highly regarded Vegas tourist attractions and iconic imagery.

The sign stands tall with two showgirls towering above dice and chips, which is reminiscent of the fun elements that the city is known to provide. 

Visitors are amazed at the new edition! It has created a cleaner atmosphere around an area that was once less maintained. The city began construction efforts on the new sign after a car accident in 2016 damaged the old one that once stood just a few blocks away.

Residents wonder if it may even draw some traffic away from the classic Las Vegas sign.

Take a look at the iconic new addition in Las Vegas in the segment below!