Legendary Racer Jacques Lazier in Studio


He won his first IRL IndyCar race in 2001 and we’re pleased to introduce IndyCar racer Jacques lazier. He came to California, went to college in California, married his wife, who’s from a racing family and he is from a racing family.

That’s great for Jacques, because he knows she knows what he is going through at the racetrack. The weather in California is so nice he has been able to jump around from race track to race track pretty much all year long. He likes to bring his son out and do go-karts at multiple tracks.

Jacques’ father started off racing and you see the love and passion he has for the sport. That’s how he got into racing, and his brother’s out there and they’re very competitive. His son is racing with his brother’s son and daughter. They’re best of friends and they’re inseparable. It’s really fun to watch.

You know a lot of people don’t view racecar drivers as athletes, while he would view them more as a triathlete. In his opinion probably the greatest athlete of all time is Michael Jordan, and he would have a great night when he went 24 for 40.

At 220 miles an hour you are traveling the length of a football field every 7 tenths of a second, and you can’t afford to make half the turns because the the wall never loses. You have to have a hundred percent dedication 100 percent focus from the very beginning. One of the benefits for sure is living out in California. Also a lot of cardiovascular work, a lot of running. It’s a passion he and his wife have together.

Jacques has had such a long career and someday we’re gonna see his son following in his footsteps.

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