Let’s Raise Awareness to Epilepsy and Wear #PurpleforKaia


The CDC estimates 3 to 4 million people of all ages live with epilepsy in the U.S. alone. Meet a young girl, Kaia Davis, in Redding, California, that set out to do something about a lack of awareness and support for this often misunderstood–and potentially fatal–condition. California Life’s Brent Weber reported on the story.

Kaia Davis began having seizures when she was nine years old, and she and her family didn’t know how to handle them. She said she didn’t even know what epilepsy was before her first seizure. Kaia set out to change the lack of awareness about epilepsy by supporting the Purple Day campaign, and by raising awareness in her hometown of Redding.

See Kaia’s story and learn more about the stigma of epilepsy:

Purple Day, on March 26th, is a day to discuss epilepsy and, of course, wear purple. That is what #PurpleforKaia and “Seize the Sundial” event are all about–events to bring awareness to epilepsy and to help eliminate the fear when faced with someone having a seizure.

More than 300 people took part in the first “Seize the Sundial” event at Redding’s iconic sundial bridge. Including the city’s representatives from the national epilepsy foundation.

Kaia’s mom, Rita Davis, said “epilepsy has a stigma attached to it, which silences a lot of people. And Kaia did not understand that, so we partnered together and pursued a campaign of ending the silence on epilepsy.”

Find #PurpleforKaia on Instagram and Facebook. Also, visit the national epilepsy foundation at www.epilepsy.com or the CDC’s website for more information.