Lies Bs and Bias – Fake News is Now a College Course


A new class at the University of Michigan is devoted to the topic of Fake News. Learn more about this alarming trend and hear the latest thoughts on how news organizations are tackling rampant distrust.


From allegations of election fraud to Pizzagate, fake news saturates our newsfeeds. Why exactly is trust in journalism on the decline?

A new college class is now devoted to dissecting and discussing the anatomy of fake news scandals.

Do you think fake news has compromised the authority of journalism? What do we make of this phenomenon? Why is fake news so prevalent these days? And how should we respond?

Jason Rzucidlo discusses these topics and more with college students enrolled in the new media course. See what they have to say below.

Fake News New Class at University of Michigan

Learn more about The Science of Fake News

Photo Credit: Science Mag