‘LIPSTICK EMPIRE’, the female-driven, unscripted series now available on HBO Max, follows two of the beauty industry’s biggest brands – Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, co-founders and CEOs of Melt Cosmetics. As the owners and faces of Melt, the two fierce makeup moguls tell their story that began behind a makeup counter and has blossomed to be one of the biggest independent makeup brands, with over three million global fans. Called “Shows the power of a girl boss” by Trending All Day, “Stop what you’re doing and stalk these incredibly beautiful makeup artists,” said Buzzfeed, “If you love lipstick, then you’re going to want to tune into Melt Cosmetic’s new digital show,” said Hello Giggles. The fast-paced, fans-first business keeps the co-CEOs busy balancing friendship, life, and the highly competitive beauty industry.

TALENT: Lora Arellano, Dana Bomar

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Pam Healey, John Hesling, John Paparazzo, Amanda Scott, and Lisa Shannon 

PRODUCERS: Lora Arellano, Dana Bomar